New for 2012 & released at Baselworld – Bell & Ross have added three new models to their Aviation series – this is the BR01 Turn Coordinator: again we find the Brand adhering to their love of the cockpit & flight instrumentation.
All three watches are Limited Editions of 999 pieces each.
The watch is based on the turn coordinator found in an aircraft’s cockpit – this instrument indicates flight symmetry, without which the aircraft slides or slips.
The turn indicator is a gyroscope used to visualize the rate of turn (roll) and features a bearing that moves in a curved tube to represent the aircraft’s sideslip.
The bearing functions using gravity.
The imaginative watch designers have borrowed this graphic and designed a display that closely mimics that very instrument: there are 3 discs – the upper, larger disc displays the hours, the smaller disc beneath, displays the minutes.
The central disc turns at the rhythm of the seconds.
The case is matte black PVD Steel, which further the enhances the illusion of an instrument panel & affording maximum readability.
It is unusual to have the lower part of the dial absolutely unused but this is a watch for flight enthusiasts, who quickly adapt to its dial.
Special materials were developed to make the discs ultra-light in order to maintain the accuracy of the watch & power reserve.
Case is Black PVD Stainless steel.
Dial – 3 black concentric discs. the markings on the outside disc indicate the hours, the middle disc the minutes and the central disc turns at the rhythm of the seconds.
Anti-reflective crystal.
Strap – rubber & heavy duty canvas strap.
Water resistant to 100 meters / 330 feet

Product Features

  • Grade Rating: 100
  • Authenticated By: WatchFacts
  • Model Year: 2016

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